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For Employers

One of the functions of occupational health is to assist managers in designing effective rehabilitation programmes that help the sick employee resume productive employment in a timely way. Another function is to smooth the progress to help managers control sickness absence. Our company has proven track records in helping organisations understand absence behaviour and what factors, other than illness, influence workers to take time off sick. We know from experience that not all absence is attributed to sickness and how it is often difficult for managers to understand this. We are committed to using the bio-psychosocial model of health in our work and show managers and workers what factors influence good and bad health outcomes. Read More

For Employees

At the heart of a new vision for improving the health of a working age population is the prevention of illness and the promotion of health and wellbeing. Recent reports show that we are living longer but we are far from being healthy. All the indicators are that our physical and mental health problems are increasing and there is significant burden on employers employees and taxpayers. To this end we are offering workplaces rehabilitation packages which include assessment of both your physical and psychological health problems and recommendations for treatment to your manager. Read More

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